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  • Ramping up Sales into new markets.
  • Investment Readiness:  How to get funding

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The best part of the session was the key insights into the VC hierarchy and thought process from a VC perspective. As a start-up, we lack this in-depth understanding and as a result, it leaves us under-prepared for the Investor pitch. This session, along with the Investor checklist, provides a comprehensive guide to boost our confidence.
Debmalya Changdar
CoFounder & COO, Borlaug Web Services™
Through the workshop, I learned how other organisations are raising funds. It offers a guideline on at which point of the business should we raise funds. It also provides me with great insights into the VCs as how they operate and how we can make the company more attractive. MyCash has spent some time raising funds, and we believe that we could be more successful in our next raise after this workshop.
Kenneth Goh, Director

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Programs and Placemaking for increasing the number and quality of startups where you are.
Begins with discreet advisory to provide confidential assessment of the status of the ecosystem and offering of a methodology for measuring and strengthening each of the six pillars based on local industries, demographics and preferences.

Business Launch

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Discreet advisory sessions for founders, CEO's and executive team members. These sessions are provided in 1 hour sessions and are purchased by clicking to ASAP or in packages of hours at special rates or on monthly retainer.

Incubator/ Accelerator Programs

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Startup leaders use these sessions to increase the success of identifying the largest possible client base with a robust product-market fit that is future-facing. Go to market strategy and tactical plans provide loyalty-strengthening continuity across every touchpoint for consumer and enterprise clients.

Startup Ecosystem Development

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Programs & Training for startups and ecosystems for corporations, cities and regions building innovation while meeting the challenges of galvanizing teams who work remotely & on-site.

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