What thoughts keep you awake
at night?

Olympic athletes have coaches
and teams to earn gold,
Do you get the support you need? 

Ask questions –
Get answers.

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Knowing your true goal
is 50% of the challenge.

The other 50% is getting highly customized support to achieve those goals.

Sample programs:

1.BLUEPRINT the Future: Strategic Sessions to establish vision and action plans.

2. PLATFORM for Engagement: Turnkey solution with your branding, your company culture extended through anytime-anywhere access for onsite and offsite teams.

Cassandra Delynn


3. COACHING & ADVISORY: Sessions to increase staff wellness, engagement and buy-in across the corporate ecosystem with an eye towards identifying & overcoming any infrastructure barriers to success.

4. WORKSHOPS & MATERIALS:  Showcase talents already within staff and integrate white-label customized programs with your brand to extend your strengths and achieve goals with more ease.

Sample “FIT TO LEAD” Content:
  • DEI for MEN: Leadership strategies and tactics for men to increase diversity & inclusion of women & minorities.
  • DEI for Women, Non-binary & Other Gender Options: Soft Skills for women, non-binary & other gender options to discover their potential & step up from within the corporate structure to contribute with an intrapreneurial mindset.
  • COMMUNICATION & CULTURE: To use 4D inclusive patterns to support current staff to grow their intrapreneurship as a choice at every job level, to build a personal relationship to being a Fit Leader throughout each day and career phase, to potentialize personal contribution, sense of purpose and satisfaction. To increase flow of valuable talent seeking employment at the corporation.

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Your Success
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Cheryl is a magic maker. She is the instrumental core of an engaged and thriving community that breaks down barriers between demographics and disciplines, opens up possibilities, and inspires collaborations between unlikely pairs. She’s a creator of spaces, places, and ethos that have a profound sense of purpose.
Megan Neese
Future Lab, Senior Manager, Nissan Motor Limited
Cheryl's high energy and enthusiasm was the catalyst for Firefly's successful sales expansion into Latin America. Her winning combination of business development, sales and marketing skills were all put to effective use in forging distribution partnerships and high profile marketing programs that delivered great results.

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Placemaking and Programs for increasing the number and quality of startups where you are.
Begins with discreet advisory to provide confidential assessment of the status of the ecosystem and offering of a methodology for measuring and strengthening each of the six pillars based on local industries, demographics and preferences.

Discreet CEO Advisory

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Discreet sessions for your thoughts to unfurl and become strategic decisions and action plans. 
Sometimes it's the right question that is missing in order for your right answer to emerge.

Investment Readiness

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Securing risk capital can become a full-time task that drags on over weeks and months. However, once you have a proven system including schematics, worksheets and check lists, it all becomes do-able much more quickly and with greater certainty of success.

Strategic Initiatives

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Special projects that can defy definition before you are in the middle of getting it done and it's a high priority.  These are a specialty, ranging from property development to new market launch.

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