Cheryl Edison

CEO, Edison International

A Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and global business development strategist with a track record of successfully launching companies, products and services into new markets across 57 industries. In 2019 she provided 167 keynotes, workshops in 16 countries. Each year she serves 100,000 individuals.

Edison works in-person and online providing:

  • CEO advisory
  • Customized team trainings & working sessions
  • Practical & Motivational Keynotes on timely topics
  • Board advisory & Business Development
  • Property use & Development for ecosystem growth

She has worked equally in countries of high economic status and emerging economy nations. In every case, her dedication is to linking creativity, community and commerce  in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Recent highlights include transforming thirteen under utilized industrial properties into thriving bussiness community spaces for ScanlonKemperBard and working two weeks each month in-country, for eighteen months in Switzerland and up to three each month for three years in Colombia.

Servant leadership in Switzerland was dedicated to the largest land bank owner, HIAG, to systemize team skills for creative placemaking to transform 50 large-scale properties and incubate startup ecosystems. Edison was charged with identifying startups to seed the ecosystems with $1M USD in funding for each startup, and originated measurement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in annual reporting.

Language has always played an important part of Edison’s ability to achieve success for her clients. After 8 years of working in Barcelona, Edison put fluent Spanish to good use when Edison was contracted to launch Firefly Mobile’s cell phones for kids, across 15 Countries in Latin America. Edison began speaking Italian when contracted by Carrefour to launch the sale of cell phones minutes across Italy. 

Those who work with Edison gain the advantage of vision & mission honed to purpose-driven business achievements. Clients rely on her for working closely with leaders to deliver on both financial and social impact ROI. Whether contracted by a Global 500 corporation for transformative property development, women & diversity programs, building a region’s startup ecosystem or supporting with introductions for business development and fundraising, Edison is counted on to lead from the heart, providing data points that matter, revealing larger, evolving opportunities and offering a fresh view and energizing action plan for  the good that can happen next.


A Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and global business development strategist with a track record of successfully launching companies, products and services into new markets across 57 industries.

In 2019 she provided 167 keynotes and workshops in 16 countries. Each year she serves 100,000 individuals on site and online.


Cheryl is a magic maker. She is the instrumental core of an engaged and thriving community that breaks down barriers between demographics and disciplines, opens up possibilities, and inspires collaborations between unlikely pairs. She’s a creator of spaces, places, and ethos that have a profound sense of purpose.
Megan Neese
Future Lab, Senior Manager, Nissan Motor Limited
If Cheryl could be described in one word, it would be "magic". She is highly recommended in her capacity for business consulting and creating signature professional environments that add both aesthetic appeal and functional value for clients.
Nicholas Genovese
PhD Chief Science Officer, Memphis Meats
When the objective is identifying the most effective path to market, Cheryl excels at channel development. In my 30+ years of experience, Cheryl Edison is one of the most skilled professionals at articulating market trends well before they become mainstream and then pragmatically and expediently delivering those solutions to both international and domestic markets. Cheryl Edison is her own best reference.
Robin Abrams
Private Investor and Professional Board Member
Incredible creativity. Born out of a fearless giving heart and great passion.
Cynthia Steele
Thank you for your presentation in All things energy forum. it was very inspiring !
Atathis Devves
Stathis Devves, Researcher at International Centre for Research on the Environment and the Economy (ICRE8)
Cheryl has such a giving spirit and strong desire for seeing business succeed. Her experience & advice are second to none. One conversation with her had me re-evaluating how I was approaching my business, how I would go about seeking funding, and how to procure a warehouse space. Thanks so much Cheryl, your insights are so appreciated!
Beckett Arnold
Branding & web expert
Cheryl is a real kick ass dynamic person who sets her goals and follows through working with the diverse stakeholders to reach the goal. She has the ability to herd cats while dealing with the top dogs.
Colin Busby
Managing Principal at Basin Research Associates
Cheryl is a true global leader in the startup scene. Her generosity of time and insight propels those within her earshot to self reflect and gather the impulse to drive forward with information and measurable results. Those who have entered into conversation with her have felt her impact including myself. Her vision thrusts the world to self-examination and realization using the resources at everyone’s reach. She Is a Blessing to Us All!
Fernando Zeledon
Teacher working in the education management industry
In being coached by you, nothing helped me more than your blend of intuition, facts, and logic. You always knew just how to help with your three points of advice. I used to laugh that there always seemed to be three points for your answers, but as negotiations unfolded and opportunities evolved, you were always right. Now we laugh about it. I don't know how you do it, but I know I've come to rely on your clarity.
Natalie Susi

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