Artists and Makers Lose Another East Bay Warehouse Space

The Landlord

“Part of Edison’s job was going away,” Wong said, “because she’d done such a good job of leasing the space.“If anything the timing of it relative to the Oakland fire may have accelerated it by a few months,” Wong said. “And some of those folks leaving were short term tenants under Cheryl’s purview.”Wong said SKB was happy with the work Edison did bringing in artists and tech entrepreneurs. (Show more...)

By Cy Musiker, KQED

Oakland fire puts spotlight on lack of affordable spaces for artists

“There’s a barrier to moving the properties from one use to another. There’s not a fluidity between zoning and permitting. So it’s years and years and hundreds of thousands of dollars you have to spend,” said Cheryl Edison, a strategist working with The Gate 510, a large mixed-use space in San Leandro.

The Gate 510 began life as a Dodge Plymouth plant in the 1940s, became a mall in the 1970s and then shuttered.... (Show more...)

By Elizabeth Weise, USA Today

Artists lose workplaces in aftermath of Oakland warehouse fire

As Steve Heck slowly dismantled his work space at the Factory 510, he lamented all of the things he could have created in the sprawling San Leandro warehouse.

Heck, a 56-year-old man who doesn’t like to throw out things, envisioned a massive sculpture made of 60 broken pianos. A lazy Susan-style stage rotating... (Show more...)

By Trisha Thadani, sfchronicle

San Leandro entices tech startups, entrepreneurs

SAN LEANDRO — This small town between Oakland and Hayward is coming out of the downturn like few places around, attracting tech startups, artists and brewers to a onetime traditional industrial hub. (Show more...)

By REBECCA PARR, East Bay Times

Cheryl Edison, co-founder of The Gate 510, to share professional insight into real estate trends

Cheryl Edison said, "I am grateful to have the opportunity to highlight best practices, insight and perspective on emerging real estate trends, especially now as our community grieves the Oakland warehouse fire. It is possible to create environments where artists,  (Show more...)

By Kathleen Carey, Einnews

Oakland fire puts spotlight on lack of affordable spaces for artists

SAN FRANCISCO — Long known as a haven for artists, activists and folks on the fringe, the San Francisco Bay area is now largely unaffordable to the very people who made it such a beacon. (Show more...)

By Elizabeth Weise, USA Today

The Gate 510 Hosts "The Gratitude Party" including "We Are From Dust"...

The Gate 510, a creative commercial space for the art, tech and maker community, will open its doors from 4:30-8:30pm for the third annual "Gratitude Party", to be held on Thursday, November 17. Gate 510 tenants and Factory 510 coworking members will share the property's Town Hall to reveal their latest innovations in a festive atmosphere with a backdrop of live music, dancing, (Show more...)

By , Einnews

Behind The Scenes At The Most Ambitious Man Build In Burning Man History

Deep inside a dark tractor trailer in the middle of North America’s most remote piece of desert earlier this month, a doomed Man lay strapped down, waiting to be taken outside, mounted and spun around for all to see, and eventually be burned in front of hordes of screaming, ecstatic people. (Show more...)